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Case Study: Improving In-Flight Service


A major airline was struggling to provide consistent, high-quality service across its fleet. Despite having a highly trained and dedicated cabin crew, the airline was experiencing issues with variability with in-flight service quality, leading to reduced customer satisfaction and negative feedback.

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The airline turned to Emory Alva, a consulting firm specializing in aviation and hospitality, for help in improving their in-flight service offerings. Our team of experienced consultants worked closely with the airline to understand their existing training materials and processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized training program that would enhance the skills and capabilities of their cabin crew.

Working collaboratively with the airline's leadership team and cabin crew members, we designed a comprehensive training program that focused on key areas such as customer service, communication, and conflict resolution. The training program was delivered in several stages, including a combination of in-person and online training modules, scenario-based learning, and practical assessments.

In addition, we provided ongoing coaching and feedback to help cabin crew members apply these new skills in real-world situations. We also conducted a series of surveys and focus groups to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the new training program and identify areas for further improvement.


After implementing the new training program, the airline saw significant improvements in the consistency and quality of their in-flight service offerings. Specifically, the following metrics improved:

  1. Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction scores increased from 74% to 88%.

  2. Employee engagement and retention: Employee engagement scores increased from 65% to 80%, and employee retention rates increased by 12%.

  3. On-time performance: The airline's on-time performance improved by 9%, from 75% to 84%.

  4. Revenue and profitability: The airline reported a 7% increase in revenue and a 12% increase in profitability, driven in part by the improved customer satisfaction and on-time performance.

Furthermore, the airline's reputation for quality and reliability was enhanced, with customers reporting higher levels of satisfaction and positive feedback. The new training program also helped to foster a more collaborative and supportive culture within the airline, with cabin crew members feeling more confident and supported in their roles.


Through our customized approach to aviation and hospitality consulting, Emory Alva was able to help a major airline improve its in-flight service offerings and drive business success. By working collaboratively with the airline's leadership and employees, we were able to create a customized training program that met the unique needs and challenges of the organization.

The significant improvements in customer satisfaction, employee engagement and retention, on-time performance, and revenue and profitability demonstrate the value of our approach to aviation and hospitality consulting. This case study serves as a valuable example for other airlines and hospitality companies looking to improve their service offerings and enhance their bottom line.

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